Stuck with Payday Loans –Tips to Escape the Cycle

Buying a new car, house or even wanting to go on a dream vacation, there is a loan for every purpose, access to borrowings has become very easy today, there is a lender who is waiting in the corner of the store to trap the cash-strapped person and get the bait. It is not a pleasant situation to be laden with debt forever.

Structure of Payday Loans

  • these loans are unsecured in nature and thus have an easy and simple process to obtain the loan
  • they are short-term in nature and if a borrower loans the money, he would be typically in debt for nearly half the year, as the paycheck keeps rolling over if there is no proper planning to repay back
  • the interest rates are high, for example, an average of $1000 borrows will have nearly $100 as fees, the interest will work up to 25 % of the amount borrowed every other month of the year
  • it is not advisable to loan money for paying utility bills or other expenses, the money should be only for an emergency purpose with a mindset to repay back at the nest payday check
  • the cycle of borrowing and rollover of the loan becomes a habit, more than 80 % of the population have extended the loans, almost doubling the interest, more than the initial amount borrowed getting trapped in the cycle of  loan

Defaulting is costly

The moment the repayment of payday loans defaults; there will a list of charges, a penalty that gets added on to the original amount borrowed. There could possibly lead to legal action, as there is an agreement between the lender and the borrower to repay the loan at the end of the payday check. The numbers of calls to repay back the borrowed amount and threats barrage, creates an unpleasant thought for anyone, that there could be a top up on the existing amount, borrowing from some other lender and paying the first loan the other utility bills, childcare expense become outstanding.

How to get off the debt Payday loans

  • with the sticky financial situation today there are emergencies that push an individual to borrow of  Payday loans, however, it should be the last resort one should tale after trying other alternate sources
  • meeting the credit counseling  is another way to assess the credit history of the borrower, and make them understand how challenging it would be to get out of the rigorous cycle of payday loans
  • understanding the laws of the state towards such payday loans, as many states have strict regulations of not having to go through payday lenders, other states have the concept, however, they have assistant programs to extend the paycheck period, so that the entire repayment is done, and the borrower is out of the contract
  • the Extended pay plan can opt even a day before the loan gets due, and the fresh contract form is signed to extend the pay period, either online or at the store
  • the pay period can be restructured with the assistance from the members of CFSA to be extended from six to twelve pay periods giving that extra breather for the borrower
  • sometimes the counseling agency come together with the borrower to settle off the loan with a lump sum amount do that there are no further defaults and the lenders to wait for the amounts to be paid off
  • another way to get off the debt from your back is to adjust the monthly expenses to accommodate the repayment of the loan as a top priority and also meet out for the essential expenses,
  • if there is no way to pay off the debt, then filing bankruptcy is the last straw from the borrower to avoid being arrested for fraud, the threats from the lender and scammers pose great difficulty for the borrower to emotionally get out of the situation

Recovering back from the payoff

Once the debt is off the saddle the foremost work is to get a credit free report to clear the credit repair and move in the correct path of financial planning. Controlling the expenses with the monthly budget and strictly adhering to them will save from the unprecedented situation of going back to a lender.

The economy itself is the healing stages after coming out of the deep financial crisis that every individual is impacted, with a lot of attrition, the salaried class is suffering from the increased cost of services that are not matching up to the paycheck. They go to such lenders who do not require any financial document, a simple access to the borrower's bank account and an agreement to repay back within the stipulated payday period. What makes it a combination of interest reaping contract for the lender who charges exorbitant rates, as there are no specific regulations to bind them by a fixed rate of interest.


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